Referred users Information

  • Thursday, 13th June, 2024
  • 15:00pm

Your commitment to referring new users is valued. To maintain our community's quality, new users must be well-informed about our services before being sent here. Referral privileges may be revoked if this standard is not met. Your continued support in upholding our standards is appreciated.


Referred users

As there have been a few changes to how things work here, we will ONLY accept existing and referred users! All new users must give the name of the ACTIVE existing user they found the service from. Not telling us who referred you will make you unable to pay for your package.

Existing users, don't leave your new referred users hanging! Help them understand what they need to do before coming here so as not to slow down the service, and give them an idea of what they need to do for setup.

*Please make it clear to new users that the payment process is not straightforward and is the ONLY/required way to pay*

This is a tech-heavy place, and a lack of understanding here will frustrate you.

* If you refer someone here, we prefer tech and internet-savvy users, as they will have an easier time here on the service. Keep this in mind with whom you refer here. Do not refer people here without a proper explanation of what to expect*

The right way to answer:

I was referred by insert name here or insert email here


The Wrong way to answer:

- I don't know

- my friend sent me

- I don't want to say

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