Cost per month for longer packages

  • 6th January 2023
For users that need the prices broken down more. all prices are in Canadian. US users, do the conversion to see the roughly estimated rate. Exchange rates change daily and we don't control that. 1 - month basic 5.49 CAD 1 - month gold 6.49 CAD 1- month premium 8.49 CAD 4-month plan 17.49 or 4.37 per month CAD 6-month plan 39.49 or 6.58 per ...
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Steps to Pay / Referred users

  • 11th August 2022
Steps to continue. send in normal order, it will come in incomplete, it is just a notification for me now, no payment. Look for your ''Customer invoice'' sent to you via email. Check junk mail as well. follow the instructions in the link Brand new users must follow the same instructions and consider longer packages to avoid payment ...
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Service info (11/06/22)

  • 14th July 2021
*rough hours of operation - 11:30 am - 12:00 am Monday - Sunday (EST). Any problems or sign-ups outside of these hours, you will have to wait or leave a ticket, I will answer asap. *Anyone signing up with( iCloud, AT&T,, Bellsouth, or Comcast) emails, please be aware we have issues sending sign-up emails and invoices to you. * Be ...
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